WETlabs Eco-FLNTURTD Chlorophyll/Turbidity Sensor

The WET Labs Environmental Characterization Optics (ECO) series of meters incorporates a common set of options with a single basic design to make them ideal for a wide variety of deployments.

The FLNTU combines the unparalleled sensitivity of the ECO fluorometer with an optical scattering measurement at 700 nm for simultaneous determination of turbidity and ranges for output tailored to the environment. It allows for assessment of fluorescence and turbidity variability and interactions.

Notable Features

  • Digital and analog output
  • Temperature range 0 to 30 degrees Celsius
  • Depth rating 600 m (standard)
  • Depth rating 6000 m (deep)
  • Data memory 90,000 samples

Additional Info

  • Easy integration into analog CTD packages or serial data streams.
  • Provides excellent precision, reliability and overall performance at a fraction of the cost and size of similar instruments.