Sea-Bird Carousel Auto Fire Module (AFM)

The Sea-Bird Electronics Carousel Auto Fire Module (AFM) is used when an electromechanical cable is unavailable, allowing the user to pre-program the SBE 32 water sampling rosette to fire bottles autonomously based on time or depth. The AFM can be used with or without a CTD.

Notable Features

  • 6,800m depth rating
  • 9 D-size cell batteries provide approximately 60 hours of operation
  • RS-232 interface


The AFM is supplied with a powerful Windows 2000/XP software package, Seasoft© V2, which includes:

  • SeatermAF — terminal program for easy communication and data retrieval.
  • SBE Data Processing — modules for calculation, display, and plotting of temperature, conductivity, pressure, auxiliary sensor data, and derived variables such as salinity and sound velocity