AMT pH-combined Sensor

The AMT pH-combined sensor consists of a reference electrode and a pH sensitive glass electrode in one housing to save one free channel of the probe system. The interface reference electrode/sample is realized in this case by means of a hole diaphragm.

Inside the reference electrode follows a KCl containing gel with a special built-in second diaphragm containing the Ag/AgCl-reference system in a potassium chloride solution.

Notable Features

  • Measuring range: variable between 0-14 pH, standard: 2-11 pH
  • Accuracy/resolution: 0,05 pH/0,01 pH
  • Pressure range: up to 6,000 dbar
  • Required power supply: 9.5-18 V DC as standard (others on request)
  • Signal output: 0 - + 5 V DC (others on request)
  • Dimensions: diameter: 30.0 (-0.5 mm), length: 250 mm over all

Additional Info

Only one housing for glass and reference electrode, special double diaphragm for high signal stability and usable in depths of up to 6,000 m