WSM 6G Directional / Omni-Directional Beacon

The WSM 6G directional and omni-directional beacons are used for positioning ROVs, towfish, and other mobile underwater targets. Both the directional and omni-directional beacons utilize Sonardyne’s Wideband WBv2 and WBv1 signals, and can be used in either a transponder or responder configuration.

Notable Features

  • Wideband V2 and V1 signals
  • Choice of 1,000 m or 4,000 m depth rating
  • Choice of Omni-Directional or Directional beam-shape with class leading acoustic power output
  • Channel selection via serial data port by PC
  • Transponder or Responder operating modes
  • Depth sensor for improved USBL positioning performance
  • Long-life NiMH battery
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Windows based software for test and setup
  • External on/off switch for ease of use and storage

Additional Features

A number of acoustically controlled digital I/O lines are also provided for custom use, typical applications include mission abort and emergency ballast jettison control.