Teledyne Benthos Universal Deckbox UDB-9400

The Universal Deck Box (UDB) is a complete single-unit replacement for all previously offered Teledyne Benthos acoustic deck units, including the DS-7000, DS-8000, and ATM-891. The UDB can operate standard acoustic releases, communicate and control acoustic modems, and work with the Teledyne Benthos SMART line of products.

The UDB, provides two RS-232 serial ports for data/command line interaction, and a large greyscale touch screen for simple graphical user control and enhanced sunlight readability.

Notable Features

  • Touch-screen display
  • RS-232 ports for direct connection
  • Speaker for listening to acoustic signals
  • AC/DC or internal battery power
  • Auxiliary jack for optional headset
  • and more

Input, Receive & View

  • Real time data from subsea instrument
  • Tilt indication of the subsea acoustic release
  • Frequency inputs
  • Download Spec Sheet for more