Kongsberg OE10 102 Multi-Purpose Pan & Tilt

The OE10-102 is an electric multi-purpose pan and tilt unit offering exceptional torque, positioning performance and durability for the toughest subsea tasks. Its compact robust design, high shock and vibration tolerance, and other environmental and electrical protection features ensure continuous performance in the harshest environments. Graphic User Interface (GUI) software and 9 BIT serial feedback is provided as standard, and allows full pan and tilt control, including: speed, “go to” functions, and tilt travel limits.

Notable Features

  • Uses Harmonic Drive gear systems enabling a high torque output
  • Operational depth – up to 6000 meters
  • Maximum payload – 25kg (55lbs) in air
  • Input voltage – 12 to 24 VDC (110VAC optional)
  • Over-voltage protection on digital inputs and outputs
  • Stainless steel housing material
  • Extremely durable and compact design
  • Digital or analogue control
  • Integral Pressure Compensation

Additional Info

Payload Mounting Brackets (Right Angle or direct drive)