EdgeTech 3100P Portable Sub-bottom Profiler

The EdgeTech 3100P Portable Sub-bottom Profiler provides high-resolution seafloor sub-bottom imagery with a penetration of up to 100m. With a max operating depth of 300m, the 3100P is ideally suited for applications in shallow water, rivers, lakes and ponds including archeological surveys, pipeline pre-lay surveys, and site clearance surveys.

Notable Features

  • Portable
  • Low power requirement (runs on AC or DC)
  • Choice of towfish depending on the application
  • Pole mount option for shallow water surveys
  • Easy to setup and operate


  • Geological Surveys
  • Geohazard Surveys
  • Buried Object Location
  • Mining/Dredging Surveys
  • Bridge/Shoreline Scour Surveys
  • Pipeline and Cable Location