SR-Surveyor M1.8

The SR-Surveyor M1.8 is a man-portable ASV that offers a diverse range of data sets simultaneously: two frequencies of side scan, motion tolerant side scan, wide swath bathymetry, backscatter, LiDAR point cloud data, and discharge data—all in a 1.8-meter package. The SR-Surveyor M1.8 was designed to streamline survey logistics and easily navigate shallow and hard to access, remote locations.

Key Features

  • Edgetech 2205 (special version)
  • 540kHz bathymetry (8:1 coverage to depth ratio)
  • 1600kHz high resolution side scan
  • 540kHz motion tolerant side scan
  • 540kHz low frequency side scan
  • SBG dual antenna RTK INS
  • AML micro SV sound velocity sensor
  • Sontek M9 ADCP for current profiling and bottom tracking

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