Worldwide Expertise

Okeanus delivers turnkey solutions and custom engineering services to commercial, scientific, and defense clients around the world

Cutting-Edge Technology

Over the years, we have introduced a number of industry-first systems for a range of coastal, offshore, and deep-sea applications

Customized Approach

We meet the technical and practical challenges of marine engineering with a quality-assured approach that prioritizes pressing HSSE concerns

Fit-for-purpose Engineering

Marine engineering is in our DNA. Our team of expert engineers is driven by one unrelenting urge: to solve complex problems with practical solutions.

Recent advances in ocean technology—such as intelligent control systems and marine robotics—have redefined the boundaries of nearshore, offshore, and deep-sea exploration, and this has spawned a new wave of marine engineering specifications and capabilities.

Customized Services

While our general design philosophy echoes that of the fabled 1960s KISS principle (Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.), we recognize that nothing about engineering systems for deployment at sea is ever simple. In fact, it is extraordinarily complex, and the rapid acceleration of modern-day technology has triggered a growing appetite for custom engineering services to develop truly fit-for-purpose systems.

The goal remains the same—to deliver no-nonsense oceanographic hardware—but we understand that not every challenge can be overcome by standardized equipment. Some projects demand a more partnered approach to problem solving, and a phased process of critical stage gates—from conceptual design through to field deployment—and rigorous testing and evaluation.

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